Adapted from the Patrick Rothfuss’ fantasy novel by the same name. Directed by Rebecca Engle.

Link available upon request.


Written and Directed by Rebecca Engle

Serene Murad as Auri

Cinematography - Alex RP Pabarcius
Camera Assistant - Chris Chen
Camera Assistant - Ranja Armbruster
Camera Assistant - Toby Liu
Gaffers - Jake Byers
Gaffers - Jamie Cureton

Producer - Kelly Gordon
Assistant Director - Daniel Osofsky

Script Supervisor - Mguel Pérez-Glassner
Script Supervisor - Miranda Hoyt-Disick
Script Supervisor - Ari Adler
Production Assistants - Sophia Dienstag
Production Assistants - Eliza Wilkins

Composer - Julia Mitchell
Sound Recordist - Tony Liu
Sound Mixer - Taylor Warren

Production Designers - Daniel Gordon
Production Designers - Alea Laidlaw
Props Master - Ashlyn Drake
Props & Effects Consultant - Vacek Miglus

Hair, Makeup, Costume Designer - Erin Hussey
Hair and Makeup Consultant - Elizaveta Kravchenko

Location Managers - Elizabeth Shapio
Location Managers - Dean Danalia
Location Managers - Robyn Valentine
Location Managers - Ames Ward