‘THE ROACH’ and ‘GIGI’ duke it out in this mischievous chocolate-swamp-musical.


Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Alex RP Pabarcius
Starring Aili Francis as GIGI and THE ROACH.

Story by Aili Francis & Alex Pabarcius
Roach Costume Designed by Ulrika Mattheissen
Sock Puppets Made by Aili Francis

Mannequin Man: Gabrial Francis
Marionette Technician: Sadie Weiss
Sock Animator: Blake Allen & Babe Howard
Stunt Double: Dr. Francis

Keys: Keizo Fish
Drums: Jack Gorman
Guitar: Sam Dewees
Bass: Ben Saldich
Vocals: Aili Francis
Backup Vocals: Anjali Desai